; Training

Training and development may be one of the reasons why people are attracted to volunteering. The opportunity to learn new skills and receive accredited or recognised training is highly valued by some volunteers. Other volunteers may see being offered training as an indication that they are doing something wrong! Ensuring that your organisation has a learning culture, and supports all workers to access training and development will reinforce the idea that we all need training to refresh and renew our skills, and that it's an opportunity not a threat!

Training doesn't need to mean a 'course' either. You could consider offering:

  • Work shadowing experienced workers, or colleagues with specific skills
  • A developmental piece of work
  • Mentoring
  • Visiting another youth project or club that runs an initiative your group may be interested in

Asking volunteers to become involved in designing and offering training and development opportunities will also help volunteers work together as a team, sharing skills and ideas. Young people will also have some ideas about training required for workers, and could be able to deliver it themselves!

Information Icon Youth Scotland runs a wide range of training opportunities for workers and can also provide bespoke training if requested. Visit the Youth Scotland Training Calendar for information about training opportunities near you.

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