; Moving On

So much effort is spent to trying to attract and retain volunteers it could seem strange to think about encouraging volunteers to leave! But recognising when a worker has 'had enough' is vital. Many volunteers are incredibly committed to their organisations, staying out of loyalty even when they don't enjoy their role anymore or it's causing difficulties at home or at work. 

A lack of suitable volunteers to take on responsibilities can leave the core set of volunteers stressed and tired, which in turn has a detrimental impact on the group. Unmotivated or overstretched volunteers can be as problematic as not enough volunteers.

Having opportunities and structures for volunteers to indicate when they no longer wish to continue are as important as the structures to attract volunteers. Training and social activities can also help refresh skills and commitment. The following can all help ensure that everyone that is there wants to be there:

  • Regular supervision sessions
  • Annual reviews
  • Set volunteering periods (e.g. 12 week tasters)
  • Specific project volunteering opportunities
  • Organised volunteering breaks (e.g. term-time¬† or holiday period only volunteering)
  • Volunteer celebration evening

Regularly running volunteer recruitment drives will hopefully ensure that there is always a pool of motivated and enthusiastic workers.

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