; Induction

A well planned induction is a good tool to welcome and support new volunteers and will help them feel more confident about their role. The same induction system can be used again with other workers, with only a few minor changes each time.

Document Icon A Volunteer Induction Checklist and Volunteer Induction Review Form can help ensure that everything is covered consistently.

An induction can be spread over a number of weeks, so that information can be absorbed, and could include:

  • Information to be read, discussed and signed - for example, the organisations policy and procedure documents including how to claim any expenses
  • A shadowing or buddy system - so that they can work with a more experienced member of the team each week
  • A volunteer welcome evening - so they know who else is a recent volunteer and can share experiences
  • An induction review session - giving them a chance to reflect on their experiences,  ask questions and identify any training needs.

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