; PVG Scheme Membership

The PVG Scheme is a membership scheme, which means that everyone in the Scheme will have a unique membership number and an 'account'. Individual are responsible for keeping the Scheme up to date with their current information, such as address, name and organisations where they carry out regulated work. This will allow the Scheme to maintain up to date records and provide information quickly when it is requested.   

As a PVG Scheme member you will receive a PVG Scheme Record when you enter the Scheme for the first time. It's very important that you keep this Record in a safe place as you will need it in the future.

Where you are recruiting a volunteer that is already a PVG Scheme member they will provide you with a Scheme Record, which gives details of their conviction on the date that the record was printed. Using their PVG Scheme membership number you'll be able to check if new information has been added to the applicant's record by requesting a Scheme Record Update.

Document Icon You should ensure that your organisation's  Secure Handling, Retention and destruction of PVG Scheme Information Policy details who in your club or group is permitted to access confidential conviction information.

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